Saturday, 17 August 2013

Jimmy Choo - Flash

It was recently my birthday and I was gifted the beautiful smelling 'Jimmy Choo - Flash' I was so happy when I received it because its a scent I've wanted to try out for a while,therefore I had high expectations.

The packaging really stood out for me as the small speckles of glitter covering the box drew me in,and the small clear glass studs again caught my attention.After doing a little bit of research I soon found out that all these details that caught my eye was made to emulate the 'flash' of a camera and the paparazzi flashbulbs.I thought it was very well made and carefully thought into.

The scent for me is very striking at first as its a little unusual and I had never smelt anything like it before,but I was pleasantly surprised.

The scent itself is very floral with notes of white flower,strawberry,tangerine and pink pepper.Its a very fresh,long lasting scent which for me is perfect.After a few hours of wearing the scent it dries down to a slightly musky scent with notes of tuberose,jasmine and white lily on a base of heliotrope and blond wood.Its very uplifting and becomes quite sophisticated at later points.

For me it is very long lasting I can apply this early morning while getting ready and I can still smell it when I'm ready for bed.It can be worn by anyone in my opinion because its sophisticated but not so a young person couldn't wear it because its also very floral,fresh and fruity.Its seems to be a love/hate scent and personally I love it I have the 40ml bottle and it is something I will be re-purchasing.

Jimmy Choo - Flash is available is most perfume stores in the UK in 40ml,60ml and 100ml Eau de parfum priced at £36,£46,and £62 depending on the store.

Friday, 16 August 2013


Welcome to dainty-daisy.I'm Beth and this is my first time blogging.I was introduced into the blogging world about a year ago when I found blogs like zoella,fashion rocks my socks and many more.They all inspired me to start my own.I have always been worried about what people would think but I saw a post by zoella called 'say yes' it really made me think more and more about getting into the blogging world and to 'say yes' to something I enjoy.If I like it then its a benefit for me if not i don't have to do it so here I am today,I've built up the courage to write my first post and hopefully there will be many more to come.I will be writing about fashion,beauty and everything I love and I hope you readers enjoy it too.